Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Miscellaneous Free and Really Cheap Denton Swag

  • Don't forget to join Denton Freecycle to know about all the latest in free offerings around Denton. It's mostly big stuff like furniture. The freecycle network is kind of like a craigslist where everything is free.
  • Speaking of craigslist....there's lots of free stuff posted there too.
  • $1.00 ELF makeup is always for sale at Brookshire's.
  • Also check out Art and Seek's advanced search for free events in Denton county.
  • If you're a UNT student never, ever forget that you can rent movies, video games and consoles from the UNT Media Library.
  • If not, you can always torrent or look on insideredbox.com to find codes for free movies.
  • The DentonWiki has list of places you can get free wi-fi around Denton . Although I need not remind you that most places around the UNT campus also have free wi-fi with an euid, we have many general computer labs, and the new business building even rents out laptops that you can laze around the building with.
  • On your birthday, all the bars on Fry Street will give you a free shot. This is what's known as the Fry Street Crawl".
  • Tons of free samples at Costco on Thursday and Friday. You need to be a member to shop, but not to graze!

Free Lunch at Campus Christian Center

During the school semester every Tuesday morning at 11:30am you can get a free lunch at the Campus Christian Center on 1305 West Oak Street. In my experience this is the best of the free church meals offered around the UNT campus. More posts about those to follow.

The CCC meals typically consist of one meat-entree, an alternative vegan entree, a salad, chips, a drink and some cookies and brownies by the door for dessert. The people offering and the other people eating are friendly and welcoming. It's a great place to make friends and become hooked into the Denton community!

The Citizen's Police Academy

The Police Department of Denton has a 13 week outreach class every year so they can get to know and be known by the citizens of Denton. I took it this year, and I can tell you, it was awesome! Everyone signs up with a partner to bring food for everyone, so it's 12 weeks of free dinner once a week. You bring dinner once, but it's a small price to pay. Two officers from different department come in each week and do a presentation, oftentimes with props, videos, and funny stories.

Highlights from my class were when the narcotics officer brought bags of drugs for us to pass around and look at, when a crime scene investigator taught us how to lift prints, and going to their gun range(!) and learning to shoot three different kinds of guns. That was exhilarating. Going on ride-alongs is also highly encouraged. You have to pass a thorough background check before you can become enrolled, after that you're good to go! The classes are totally free.

I highly recommend this class, and if you're interested you can visit the Denton Citizen's Police Academy website.

The Fry Street Sterling Apartments Leasing Trailer

Since half of our beloved Fry Street was demolished, it has been in a state of flux. There were a couple highly contested proposals for what to do with the street, until we came upon the mixed-use overpriced apartment block that is currently under construction.

One bright spot is that the leasing trailer across the street often offers free food and other swag to those who stop by. Just be careful not to get cornered into leasing unless you want to! My boyfriend and I went by today and he picked up a cheesburger and hotdog (I didn't, I'm a vegan), chips candy and drinks. Sign up for their twitter alerts to know when free stuff is available at: https://twitter.com/#!/SU_FryStreet

Be aware that this will probably only be available until all the apartments are leased out, so get while the gettin's good!

Free Stuff in Denton, Texas: Welcome

Hi, I'm Heather and I'm a student at UNT constantly on the lookout for free stuff! I know I'm not alone, so I decided to start this blog so I could share where I'm finding swag. If you have a great place with free or deliciously cheap stuff that you think others would like too, shoot me an email or leave a comment on the blog. Thanks and happy cheapskating!